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Leadership Team Commitment Agreement 

As a member of the Ascend Greater Atlanta Leadership team, I agree to support the mission of the organization. I further agree that I will meet the following expectations: 
  1. To oversee the programmatic and fiscal well-being of the organization, including: 

    • Review and adopt policies and programs that further the mission of Ascend 

    • Review and approve the annual budget. 

    • Work with volunteers to produce the income required to meet budget goals.

  2. To maintain an active paid membership with Ascend.​

  3. To participate, either in-person, or by phone, at least 8 out of the 12 monthly scheduled Leadership team meetings and be prepared to participate by reading materials provided prior to each meeting.

  4. ​To serve on at least one committee (membership, programs, sponsorship, finance, or communications) and actively participate in its work, and, as able, serve on any task forces that may be established.

  5.  To chair an event. Month chosen in 2020 is _________. Topic for event is ___________.Event type is _____________ (speaker series, network/social solely, community service).**

  6. ​To attend at least three (3) Ascend Atlanta events per year.

  7.  To fulfill specific role of _VP of _____________ by ____________________.***  

  8.  To volunteer, on average, three to five hours a month in fulfilling my roles and responsibilities. 

  9.  To propose candidates who will further Ascend's work for election to the Leadership team. 

  10.  To ensure the confidentiality of all board and committee discussions. 

  11.  To get to know Ascend’s volunteers, participants, programs, and activities, to invite networks/employers to programs and to encourage membership. 

  12.  To support a culture of respect, dialogue, and debate.  

Read, understood, and agreed 



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