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Interactive Webinar Workshop: Keep Calm and Get Clarity

How to practice mindfulness in times of uncertainty

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Being on video is encouraged for full engagement as this will be an interactive session.



Anh-Dao Nguyen

Wellness Educator & Community Engagement Facilitator and Marketing, UPS 

Anh-Dao is a Wellness Educator and Community Engagement Facilitator, with a focus on personal growth and transformation, while having extensive marketing, finance, and project management experience. Her mission is to help people live fully and authentically, and find balance in mind/body through nature.

Anh-Dao has impacted lives through running and facilitating retreats, personal growth, and wellness events. Her workshops cultivated personal growth and self-awareness, while improving trust in team building exercises. Some activities she organized to educate people include: “Release Your Inner Confidence” retreat, or Women Inspiration nights with talks on topics such as “From Passion to Action” or “Empowering Children.”


Ashley Chase

Intuitive Channeler & Creative Healer, HUM

Ashley Chase is an intuitive, visionary and a guide to healing.  She founded HUM, Hearts Uniting Mankind in 2015 after her own battle with a long term illness.  HUM integrates sound, frequency, movement, meditation, holistic wellness, creativity, eco-consciousness, and biogenetics into the organization's life and teachings.

She is a self-taught creative and healer with some training internationally by master healers and teachers throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe. 


Sound Baths & Sound Journeys are intuitively led sound healing experiences that are created for a group. It is created with a variety of “earth bound” instruments that intentionally play to help ease the discomfort in the energetic system of the body and mind.

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