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Ascend Atlanta and Charlotte Chapters:

ACT Initiative – Solidarity Against Bias

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Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, July 29th

Time: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM (ET)

Virtual Zoom Meeting


Ascend stands in solidarity against racism and violence.  With the recent tragic events and acts of bias and violence against our Black communities, it has continued to remind us of the racism, institutional bias, and prejudice that is still prevalent in America.  The Ascend Atlanta and Charlotte Chapters of the Southeast region are collaborating together to host one of a multi-part series to discuss this critical topic.  We intend to create a safe space to discuss race relations and inequalities that impact us and the workplace and brainstorm the role that we and our organizations can play to Promote Inclusion, Raise Awareness, Denounce Bias, Support Communities and Give Donations.



Dr. Rubina Malik

Executive Advisor, to Ascend Greater Atlanta Chapter

CEO & Strategic Advisor Malik Global Solutions

Dr. Rubina F. Malik is a strategic advisor, thought leader and scholar. As a champion of career sponsorship and leadership development, she is an expert in helping organizations create sustainable and diverse leadership.   Additionally, Rubina is a Tedx speaker, SXSW mentor and a popular guest speaker at conferences and podcasts. Dr. Malik holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy, with an emphasis on Human Resources Organization Development from the University of Georgia. She is also a certified associate certified coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation.

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