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Introducing Ascend Atlanta Podcast Series!

Across Generations, Mini-Casts About Career Journeys

Podcast Series Banner #1 Sridhar Penumet

Across Generations, Mini-Casts About Career Journeys

The Ascend Greater Atlanta chapter has partnered with Audiographies to deliver a series of mini-casts about career journeys experienced by individuals across generations. The mini-casts include personal experiences about what it means and takes to be a leader, and challenges and opportunities faced along the way. The mini-casts were audio-recorded at Ascend Greater Atlanta’s annual Inspiring Across Generations (IAG) conference, which is a conference that gathered Ascend’s corporate and community partners for a day of leadership, mentorship and relationship development programs providing insight and benefits for both students and seasoned professionals.

Speaker: Sridhar Penumetcha

 Head shot sridhar_penumetcha.png

Sridhar Penumetcha

Account Partner

IBM Services

Episode #1:

Sridhar Penumetcha, Account Partner, IBM Services, is our first featured speaker.

Sridhar is the Account Partner for IBM Services’ Elite Accounts. Prior to this role, he was the Go TO Market Leader for IBM’s telecommunications clients in North America. He has held several leadership roles in sales and business development prior to joining IBM. Sridhar has had abundant experience in developing and managing programs across IT, Networks, Infrastructure, Mobility and Business Process Outsourcing services.

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